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U.S.D.A. Choice Beef

whole muscle ground beef

whole muscle ground chuck

whole muscle ground round

whole muscle ground sirloin

80% lean ground beef

85% lean ground chuck

93% lean ground round

beef sirloin burgers

top round roast

top round steak

chuck roast

chuck steak

top sirloin roast

top sirloin steak

stew meat

new york strip steak

beef speidini

tri tip steak

brisket cut flat

chuck patties

flank steak

usda choice beef chuck burgers

u.s.d.a. prime beef bone-in-ribeye

oakville tiger stick

ribeye steak

whole tenderloin

bacon wrapped filet mignon

6 oz fillet mignon

12oz kc strip steak

kansas city strip steak

rib steak

t-bone steak

porterhouse steak

tenderloin shish kebab

top sirloin shish kebab

new york strip shish kebab

ribeye shish kebab

short ribs

u.s.d.a. choice beef eye of round roast

beef back rib

corned beef point cut

corned beef flat

beef ox tails

whole brisket

brisket cut point

tri tip roast

u.s.d.a. prime beef boneless ribeye

u.s.d.a choice beef cube steak


chicken speidini

whole fryer

cut chicken wings

jumbo chicken wings

split chicken fryer

boneless skinless chicken breast

boneless chicken breast tenders

chicken shish kebab

cut up whole fryer 8pcs

regular wings

split chicken breast


frozen catfish nuggets

frozen catfish fillet

21/25 cooked shrimp

41/50 cooked shrimp

cold water lobster tails 5oz

warm water lobster tails 4oz

frozen cod

frozen yellow fin tuna

frozen orange roughy

frozen bay scallops

alaskan snow crab legs

alaskan king crab legs

alaskan monster king crab legs

frozen colossal scallops

frozen grouper fillet

frozen premium tilapia

frozen whitting fillets

frozen pollock fillets

frozen crawfish

frozen frog legs

16/20 frozen jumbo raw shrimp

31/40 frozen raw shrimp

31/40 cooked shrimp tray

41/50 cooked shrimp tray

31/40 easy peel raw shrimp 2lb

atlantic salmon fillet

black peal salmon fillet

fozen mahi mahi fillet

frozen flounder fillet

frozen swaii fillet

frozen red snapper


pork ham steaks

boneless pork shoulder butt

whole pork shoulder butt

whole pork butt sliced

center cut pork steak

memphis style rib

saint louis style rib

pork baby back rib

vacuum packed spareribs

whole pork tenderloin

bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

whole boneless pork loin

bacon wrapped pork chop

boneless pork chop

pork breakfast sausage

jalapeño & cheese smokies

bbq smokies

jalapeño & cheese summer sausage

natural casing bologna

pork cutlet


shish kebab

homemade bratwurst

beer bratwurst

jalapeño & cheddar brat

pineapple and brown sugar brat

mild italian sausage

cheddar bratwurst

mild saliccia

hot saliccia

thick hardwood smoked sliced bacon

country style bacon

bacon ends and pieces

farmland mis-cut bacon

hot breakfast sausage

natural casing polish sausage

honey smokies

hot smokies

summer sausage


bone-in country style rib

boneless country style rib

boneless butterfly chops

whole bone-in pork loin

bone-in rib chop

bone-in sirloin chop

bone-in loin chop

bone-in center cut loin chop

applewood thick sliced bacon

stuffed boneless pork chop

n.c. hot polish sausage

cheese smokies

super slims smokies

honey summer sausage

fresh pork rib tips

seaboard pork tenderloin

mushroom pork tenderloin

bacon pork tenderloin

whiskey pork tenderloin

pork brisket

applewood pork ribs

smokey mesquite pork rib

farmland 5 lb riblet

farmland 10lb riblet

peppercorn-garlic pork loin

max german bockwurst


old fashion smokies

old fashion chub summer sausage

liver sausage cooked sausage

usda choice sirloin tip roast

Dairy & Lunchmeat

kretchmar 1/2 boneless ham

sliced provel

kretchmar whole boneless ham

roped provel

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